About Us

M.E. Supplies is a company specializing in the field of medical disposables. We take pride in alleviating hardship and difficulty with regards to supplying quality products to our clients. We position ourselves in a clear, powerful and memorable way in various markets.

Who we are

M.E. Supplies is an experienced advanced Distributor of medical disposables.

We offer a comprehensive line of innovative top quality products, selected to meet the various demands of our clients.

Our logistic hubs and distribution channels enable us to provide short lead times for any product ordered without compromising our highly competitive prices.

M.E. Supplies is a routine participant in medical exhibitions worldwide.

Why M.E. Supplies


  • The world is moving quicker than ever before and so are world health hazards.
  • For this reason M.E. Supplies invests many resources in establishing quicker production cycles, larger product ranges, better servicing, increased availability and access to high quality medical disposables.
  • Being proactive providers, we constantly adapt our services to cater the most demanding needs of our clients.


  • At M.E. Supplies we make it our business to understand and analyse the daily challenges our customers meet.
  • We share our clients’ goals in providing accurate, quick and efficient health treatment, and strive to become their most trusted partner in their endeavour.
  • This is why M.E. Supplies goes to great extents to make sure every product we supply meets the highest quality standards.


  • We know that providing quick and thorough healthcare solutions is a task which requires teamwork and trust.
  • This is why we treat each of our clients as a partner with which we can cooperate in delivering the best medical supplies, to provide the best health treatment required.
  • We make it our goal to further develop our partnerships and leverage our expertise to maintain our professional advantages.

Healthcare challenges

Recent years have been marked by outbreaks of large scale health-related crises, spurring real fear for global-scale disasters.

These events have underlined specific needs for healthcare solutions such as:

  • Fast delivery
  • Affordability and accessibility
  • High quality disposable products
  • And most importantly, reliability with round the clock servicing