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M.E. Supplies I.V Cannula

M.E. Supplies I.V Cannulas are designed for better placement and insertion of catheter in patients' skin.

Features & Benefits

  • Siliconized, bevelled, back cut ground stainless steel needle for smooth and painless penetration
  • Special double tapered and kink resistant catheter
  • Flexible wings
  • Transparent flashback chamber for easy visual confirmation of venipuncture

Description REF Qty
14G I.V Cannula 66011800 1000/Carton
16G I.V Cannula 66011801 1000/Carton
18G I.V Cannula 66011802 1000/Carton
20G I.V Cannula 66011803 1000/Carton
22G I.V Cannula 66011804 1000/Carton
24G I.V Cannula 66011805 1000/Carton
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